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Holidays Saxony (Germany)

Here you see the legal holidays of Saxony of the current and some other years.

Holidays 2015 in Saxony (Germany):

New Year:01.01.2015, thursday
Good Friday:03.04.2015, friday
Easter Monday:06.04.2015, monday
Labour Day:01.05.2015, friday
Ascension:14.05.2015, thursday
Whit Monday:25.05.2015, monday
Day of German Unity:03.10.2015, saturday
Reformation Day:31.10.2015, saturday
Penance Day:18.11.2015, wednesday
Christmas:25.12.2015, friday
St. Stephen's Day:26.12.2015, saturday

Holidays 2016 in Saxony (Germany):

New Year:01.01.2016, friday
Good Friday:25.03.2016, friday
Easter Monday:28.03.2016, monday
Labour Day:01.05.2016, sunday
Ascension:05.05.2016, thursday
Whit Monday:16.05.2016, monday
Day of German Unity:03.10.2016, monday
Reformation Day:31.10.2016, monday
Penance Day:16.11.2016, wednesday
Christmas:25.12.2016, sunday
St. Stephen's Day:26.12.2016, monday

Holidays 2017 in Saxony (Germany):

New Year:01.01.2017, sunday
Good Friday:14.04.2017, friday
Easter Monday:17.04.2017, monday
Labour Day:01.05.2017, monday
Ascension:25.05.2017, thursday
Whit Monday:05.06.2017, monday
Day of German Unity:03.10.2017, tuesday
Reformation Day:31.10.2017, tuesday
Penance Day:22.11.2017, wednesday
Christmas:25.12.2017, monday
St. Stephen's Day:26.12.2017, tuesday

The holidays Saxony of the last year:

Holidays 2014 in Saxony (Germany):

New Year:01.01.2014, wednesday
Good Friday:18.04.2014, friday
Easter Monday:21.04.2014, monday
Labour Day:01.05.2014, thursday
Ascension:29.05.2014, thursday
Whit Monday:09.06.2014, monday
Day of German Unity:03.10.2014, friday
Reformation Day:31.10.2014, friday
Penance Day:19.11.2014, wednesday
Christmas:25.12.2014, thursday
St. Stephen's Day:26.12.2014, friday - legal holidays, school holidays, calendar