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Calendar Venezuela 2022/2024, Holidays

Current calendar for Venezuela with calendar weeks and all public holidays. Select in the upper right corner to call up the calendar for another year or another country. Below you will find calendar files to download and print.

Holidays and Observances Venezuela 2022/2024

Mo 10/10/2022
Tu 11/01/2022
We 11/02/2022
Sa 12/24/2022
Su 12/25/2022
Sa 12/31/2022
Su 01/01/2023
Fr 01/06/2023
Mo 02/20/2023
Tu 02/21/2023
Su 03/19/2023
Su 04/02/2023
Th 04/06/2023
Fr 04/07/2023
Su 04/09/2023
Mo 05/01/2023
Su 05/14/2023
Th 05/18/2023
Th 06/08/2023
Su 06/18/2023
Sa 06/24/2023
Th 06/29/2023
We 07/05/2023
Mo 07/24/2023
Mo 10/09/2023
We 11/01/2023
Th 11/02/2023
Su 12/24/2023
Mo 12/25/2023
Su 12/31/2023
Mo 01/01/2024
Sa 01/06/2024

Here you can find a quick overview of the current public holidays in Venezuela. For more detailed information on individual holidays, please click on the relevant holiday in the table. A detailed list of all holidays can be found here: Holidays Venezuela

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