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Calendar Italy 2018 Umbria

Year calendar with holidays and week numbers for Umbria Italy.

Holidays, non-public holidays and events for Umbria Italy

Mo 01/01/2018
New Year's Day
Sa 01/06/2018
Th 02/08/2018
Fat Thursday
Tu 02/13/2018
Shrove Tuesday
Tu 03/20/2018
Spring Equinox
Su 03/25/2018
Palm Sunday
Su 03/25/2018
Daylight Saving Time Start
Su 04/01/2018
Easter Day
Mo 04/02/2018
Easter Monday
We 04/25/2018
Liberation Day
Sa 04/28/2018
Sardinia's Day
Tu 05/01/2018
Labour Day
Su 05/13/2018
Mother's Day
Su 05/20/2018
Mo 05/21/2018
Whit Monday
Sa 06/02/2018
Republic Day
Su 06/10/2018
Th 06/21/2018
Summer Solstice
We 08/15/2018
Assumption Day
Su 09/23/2018
Autumnal Equinox
Su 10/28/2018
Daylight Saving Time End
Th 11/01/2018
All Saints' Day
Sa 12/08/2018
Immaculate Conception
Fr 12/21/2018
Winter Solstice
Tu 12/25/2018
Christmas Day
We 12/26/2018
Saint Stephen's Day
Mo 12/31/2018
New Year's Eve